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Textilfy will not use your information without your permission, with the exception of your e-mail address, when required, to maintain a conversation that is initiated by you, as well as providing you, as far as possible and without being obliged to do so at any time, with a way in which you can administer your own information and services. By using the Textilfy Web, you are authorising us to store the trace left by your IP address for the purpose of administering the systems, improving the effectiveness of the Web and making global statistical studies, as well as a security measure and to respond to judicial requirements if this should be the case. You have the ability to accept or decline cookies by configuring your browser settings. In this case, it is possible that some of the functionalities of the website may not work properly. On occasions, in the forms in which data is collected, authorisation is requested to send you news about the service of Textilfy and/or of third parties, and Textilfy occasionally carries out surveys to find out the level of satisfaction of the User about the service.

Textilfy, in its capacity as owner and manager of the Web, will not be able to sell or rent its list of Users and contact details to third party organisations, although it is possible that within the communications that it makes directly, information from third party organisations that Textilfy understands to be of special interest to the User may be incorporated, and the User may oppose this treatment at any time in accordance with our privacy policy.


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You are solely responsible for what happens on your own equipment, and you must take the appropriate security measures to protect the information housed therein, to avoid loss or damage caused by downloads from the Web with respect to the information that the user can access through the Web, due to the different sources of obtaining the same and its recording process, Textilfy does not guarantee the absolute correctness of the same and therefore the User may not claim any liability for damages arising from errors in the information provided.


Textilfy may vary the present conditions at any time, although it is not intended that this should be frequent, publishing on this same page the dates of the modifications and coming into force immediately. If due to a legislative change or judicial resolution a part of the present conditions ceases to be applicable, these clauses will be annulled, but the rest will be perfectly valid and will remain in force. By continuing to use our website, you accept these conditions and agree to accept the modifications made to them, and you are obliged to check this page frequently. If you do not accept these conditions, you must not continue to visit the Textilfy Web.


The contents of Textilfy do not have any political line nor does it support any ideology or social-political or business group above any other.



- Although we strive to maintain a standard of quality in our fabrics, we cannot avoid that characteristics such as handle, background color, weight, shrinkage, etc. may vary slightly from batch to batch, so we ask our customers for some flexibility in this regard.

- Likewise, the widths between pieces may vary by a few centimetres, so the printed width of each fabric is a guide only.

- All fabrics shrink and some may also get bigger during the printing, finishing and washing and drying processes. As Textilfy is not a manufacturer of fabrics but a printer, we will not accept complaints about shrinkage or deformation of the images, which, as a rule, should not exceed 8%. For more information on this subject, please contact us directly.

- We strive to have high quality fabrics and great variety but there are inherent problems with each fabric that we cannot avoid, for example, synthetic fabrics tend to peel, circular knit may have tasting holes in the middle of the piece (which will never be considered as good), cellulosic fabrics may have fuzziness, etc. We ask our customers to familiarise themselves with our fabrics before placing large orders, as we will not be able to respond to problems of this type that are not in our power to solve, although we will always try to minimise these problems and be cooperative in their solutions.

- All Textilfy fabrics are printed on the side that looks best. If the customer would like to print his fabric on the "reverse side" he should first consult with our staff and, if possible, make a written request observing this requirement.

- If the customer orders several patterns/colours in the same order of the same fabric, the prints do not have to be delivered in order, and can be delivered in one piece. If the customer requires a specific order or delivery of the print, this must be requested in advance and this work may have an associated design cost.

- During the printing of an order it is normal that there are cuts in the printing due to machine stoppages or defects in the fabric or piece changes. In these cases, at Textilfy we print 50 centimetres more for each machine stop if what is being printed is a rapport, or, if it is a panot, we repeat the cut pieces.

- As a general rule, orders of less than 16 metres are delivered folded and orders of more than 16 metres of the same genre are delivered coiled. If the customer wishes a change in this rule, he must request it before ok to these conditions and this will be budgeted.

- Straight thread: we strive to achieve the best results for each customer, however, due to the way each item is woven, and the way the digital embossing machinery prints, it may happen that the straight thread is not completely parallel to the vertical axis of the drawing. Should this happen, the customer agrees to accept the results of the printing, provided that the variation with respect to this axis does not exceed 15 degrees in areas of 20 linear cm. or less. Special mention should be made of our semi-silk, voile and, in general, the finest fabrics.

- As for the uses of the fabric, it is up to the customer to make the necessary tests to verify that the fabric meets the needs required for the desired application, as we are not responsible for any possible damage caused by its use.


- QUALITY OF THE IMAGE REPRODUCED: THE IMAGES PROVIDED BY THE CLIENT WILL BE REPRODUCED WITHOUT ANY CHANGE BY TEXTILFY. ANY CHANGE WILL BE BUDGETED AND ACCEPTED PRIOR TO ITS EXECUTION. Textilfy will only be responsible for image errors (failure of rapport, mode, icc, size, layout, etc.) if the customer PAYS IMAGE CHECK at the time of placing the order.

- In digital printing on natural fabrics, the outermost part of the fabric, around the 8 cm closest to both selvedges, the prints could look somewhat out of focus or with double lines, this effect will be especially noticeable in designs with fine lines and a lot of detail. It is something that cannot be completely avoided and although our team will always try to minimize these effects as much as possible, it must be taken into account that they can occur to a greater or lesser extent. The customer should avoid this type of designs in the areas close to the selvedges as no returns or repetitions will be admitted due to this type of incidence.

- Fabric is not a smooth canvas like paper and therefore the quality of the reproduced image can be very different from that of a paper reproduction. The factors on which this depends are on the one hand the quality/format/size of the image and on the other hand the fabric chosen.

- Generally, lines smaller than 1 mm will not have good reproduction quality.

- TEXTILFY WILL NEVER ACCEPT A RETURN BECAUSE THE QUALITY OF THE REPRODUCED IMAGE IS NOT AS EXPECTED, unless it is a machine defect (banding, stains, smudging, smudged ink...). For this reason, we recommend our customers to place a test order with their images before making a production run.

- Orders of more than 8 metres will generally be cut into 8-metre long panels. Please contact us if you require longer lengths without cuts.

- Small, sporadic, almost imperceptible spots may occur on certain types of printed fabrics. This is due to the raised fibres of these fabrics rubbing against the printing heads or creating a "screen" leaving small specks of the background colour of the fabric, which cannot be complained about.

- On synthetic fabrics, a "halo" effect may occur, especially on more contrasting prints, with strong colours on white or light backgrounds. It is unavoidable and therefore no claims will be accepted.

- The selvedges of the fabric (1 to 10 cm. of margin on each side of the fabric that you will generally receive WITHOUT STAMPING) may suffer small rubs, notches, etc., which may result in stains or holes. As long as these are within the selvedges, the printing will not be accepted as defective.

- The printing may not follow a perfectly straight line parallel to the selvage. We print fabric and both in the direct printing process and in the sublimation process it is practically impossible to keep the fabric completely straight. There may be variations of 5cm between one margin and another.

- Any other defect or defect that occurs during the printing or finishing of the fabric and is detected by our operators, will be solved by printing 50 cm more for each damaged area if it is a rapport, or the damaged panot in its entirety (in the case of panots or positional).




- Even if you work with Textilfy colour charts and follow all the accompanying instructions, or make colour samples beforehand, the colour results may vary. This is because small changes in temperature, humidity, fabric, ink composition, etc., can directly affect the colour results.

- In the sample catalogue you can get an idea of the CMYK result. The blue, magenta, black and yellow in the print correspond to pure colours. In any case, Textilfy will be happy to print a colour chart with more than 2000 colours on any fabric, even the one provided by the customer, at a fixed cost. So that the customer can colour his images and achieve an exact colour yield as desired. The final colour of the prints has an accepted variance with respect to the colour of the pantoneras of a maximum of +/-10% due to the different conditions of temperature and humidity that may be present in the finish. If the customer is not satisfied with the colour, Textilfy will follow the following procedure, only in the case that the customer has worked with specific Textilfy colour charts (in other cases the suitability of the colour cannot be checked):

a. ask the customer to identify the colour on his colour chart printed by the company, which must have been made on the same fabric and during the previous 6 months at the latest.

b. On one of the company's computers, the colour will be entered in the digital colour chart of Textilfy and in the customer's image in the corresponding image programme according to the instructions.

- The "background colour" of our fabrics is white or ecru (depending on the fabric), and if the customer wants to print a background in another colour, he must include it in his file. Likewise, if the customer paints an area of white in his file, this area will remain the "background colour" of the fabric.


- On finished fabrics, so that the colour is preserved as well as possible in the wash, it is advisable to wash the garment inside out in short washing machine programmes at 30 ºC, without pre-washing, and with phosphate-free soap for coloured clothes (for more information talk to Textilfy). Never dry clean and, if hand washed, use only the recommended amount of detergent and do not soak longer than recommended. Do not tumble dry and allow to air dry.

- Not all fabrics are equally resistant to wear and tear due to washing or rubbing, therefore, as a general rule, we do not recommend industrial washing, dry cleaning or hand washing with a lot of soap/rubbing. However, if you need a fabric whose print is very resistant to wear and tear, please send us an e-mail to hello@textilfy.com telling us about your case and we will recommend the one that best suits your needs. Never accept these conditions without first being sure if the fabric you are going to print on meets your washing expectations.

- In particular, it is good to know that in prints on cellulosic or protein fibres (silk, cotton, linen, viscose...), when a solid background colour is used, or the print has a lot of background and little shape (the solid colour is very visible), partial wear may occur in the wash. We do not recommend solid background colours.

- It is recommended to iron prints on the back side and with the iron at medium heat. Our synthetic fabrics do not accept pleats and must be ironed carefully, placing a cloth between the printed sides of the fabric if they are to be ironed one against the other, always making a test ironing beforehand.


- Delivery times are approximate. We try to print synthetic fabrics within 3-4 working days from the day after the order is placed. For natural fabrics our production times are around 7-10 working days.

- In the shopping cart you can choose various shipping options and these indicate an ESTIMATED delivery time.

- Returns will not be accepted for orders that have not been delivered within the ESTIMATED delivery time, unless more than 30 working days have passed.

- There are periods of high production in the factory. Occasionally throughout the year there may be periods (usually weeks) when production schedules cannot be strictly adhered to. We ask the customer to be flexible in these cases and to understand the problems involved in producing at certain times of the year when many customers want their orders on the same dates.

- We always ship within 24 hours. Therefore, once the order is shipped, there is a high probability that the customer will receive it the next day.


Leatherette is a special "fabric" because it is not actually woven, it is made by spreading a layer of PVC over a woven backing. It is then textured to finish it to imitate natural leather.

- The leatherette manufacturer does not guarantee that the woven backing on which the leatherette is manufactured will always be exactly the same. There may be variations in shade, from optical white to ecru. The thickness and texture of the backing (the back of the leatherette) may also vary.

- TEXTILFY orders large quantities of imitation leather, which are purchased in full production runs on pallets. The supplier does not undertake that the leatherette from one batch to another will be identical. There may be differences in tone, texture and feel, even being more or less elastic than in previous batches.

- Printed leatherette is not an indestructible product. When making products such as bags or toiletry bags, where the corners are particularly susceptible to rubbing, TEXTILFY recommends that these corners be protected with dyed (not printed) leatherette.

- TEXTILFY also recommends to carry out wear tests before making a product and even to make a prototype and use it for several months before launching the final production in order to avoid future complaints.

- It is not machine washable although some customers have tried it and it works well for them, always at their own risk.

- Under no circumstances will TEXTILFY be responsible for the replacement cost of products made with leatherette even if it is defective. The defective metres will only be replaced after receiving them all in the factory and after the production team has checked that they do not have the appropriate resistance to wear and tear.


At Textilfy we ship worldwide. Visit this link for more information.

The prices of the shipments change continuously due to the world-wide situation of the transport that we live nowadays. These are updated directly on the website and can be modified without prior notice.

General terms and conditions of sale for printing on fabrics supplied by the customer at TEXTILFY

The fabrics supplied by the customer must obey these rules:

  1. Be less than 160 cm wide.
  2. To be selvedged on both selvedges.
  3. The customer must supply the exact composition of the fabric.
  4. They must be chemically or optically white.
  5. An extra 1 metre per piece is required for the machine entry into production.
  6. They must be free of wrinkles, holes and cuts. And they must be in line with the thread.
  7. The fabric must be delivered wound in a cardboard tube, the diameter of which must be between 5.5 and 6 cm.
  8. For orders of less than 30 metres, the fabric must come in one piece (without cuts), and must never exceed 25-26 cm in total diameter.
  9. If the customer does not specify the front and back of the fabric, Textilfy will decide which of the two sides will be printed.

If the customer's fabric is damaged in the printing process, the only responsibility that Textilfy acquires is that of not charging the customer for the service and, if the customer so wishes and delivers more fabric, to carry out the service again (or to try to do so) at the same cost, always within a time limit of less than 30 days and provided that the conditions allow it. This means that the customer will never be compensated in any way because their fabric has been damaged.

If the customer's fabric has hairs/fuzz/edges or any other material that may cause a screen effect, the customer will be responsible for the printing results. The fabric may not be lint-free unless it is made of polyester.

- All fabrics shrink and some may also enlarge during the printing, finishing and washing and drying processes. As Textilfy is not a manufacturer of fabrics but a printer, we will not accept complaints about shrinkage or deformation of the images, which, as a rule, should not exceed 8%. For more information on these issues, please contact us.

- If the customer orders several patterns/colours in the same order of the same fabric, the prints do not have to be delivered in order, and can be delivered in one piece. If the customer requires a specific order or delivery of the print, this must be requested before the ok to these conditions and this work will be charged for. As a general rule, orders of less than 10 metres are delivered folded and orders of more than 10 metres of the same fabric are delivered coiled. If the customer wishes a change in this rule, it must be requested prior to the approval of these conditions and this will be budgeted.

- During the printing of an order it is normal that there are cuts in the printing due to machine stoppages or defects in the fabric or piece changes. In these cases, at Textilfy we print 50 centimetres more for each machine stop if what is being printed is a rapport, or, if it is a panot, we repeat the cut pieces.

- Straight thread: we strive to achieve the best results for each customer, however, due to the way each item is woven, and the way the digital printing machinery prints, it may happen that the straight thread is not completely parallel to the vertical axis of the drawing. Should this happen, the customer agrees to accept the printing results, provided that the variation with respect to the said axis does not exceed 15º in areas of 20 linear cm. or less.



- Textilfy retains ownership of the goods until full payment of the amount, including taxes. In the event of non-payment on the due date, the sale will be frozen with full rights and for the benefit of Textilfy, by simple notification, without any further formalities or prior notice and subject to any legal action that Textilfy may bring against the debtor or debtors for damages.

- Textilfy reserves the right to increase deadlines or cancel orders in progress in cases of force majeure (breakdown of machinery, lack of water, energy, irregularities in the supply of raw materials, strikes, etc.).

- In the event of delays in dispatch, the customer is entitled, except in cases of force majeure or agreements to the contrary, to cancel his order 40 days after the planned or agreed delivery date.

- Any complaints regarding the quality of the goods must be reported within a maximum of 8 days from the date of delivery of the goods. The customer loses this right if he has changed the original consistency of the goods or has simply used them.

- Returns shall only be accepted if they have been authorised by those responsible for the sale and provided that the supplier's right to inspect the goods once they have arrived at his warehouses is preserved.

- The parties choose the courts of Madrid for all the differences and controversies that may arise in litigation. The acceptance of these conditions implies the acceptance by the customer that Textilfy may mention the name or brand of the customer in the sections "our customers" and similar. If the customer does not wish to allow the use of his name, he should write to us at hello@textilfy.com to indicate how to proceed.

In compliance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999 on the Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that your data have been incorporated into the files of Círculo Textil Servicios Textiles SL. If you do not wish to receive communications from Textilfy you should write to us at hello@textilfy.com to tell us how to proceed.